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U.S. Department of Education
National Professional Development Program

The National Professional Development (NPD) program provides professional development activities intended to improve instruction for students with limited English proficiency (LEP) and assists education personnel working with such children to meet high professional standards.

Project Number: T365Z120171
Awarded $1.68 million
Grant Project Director: Marguerite Mahler, PhD Coordinator and Advisor, M.Ed. in TESL

Framingham State University has partnered with public school districts in central and Eastern Massachusetts to address the issues of strengteming capacity in public school around EL populations, develop additional master teachers, and crating a culture of support for students, teachers, and administrators. Framingham State University, in collaboration with the Wachusett Regional School District, Cambridge Public Schools and Marlborough School District has developed the MASSexcELLs project to address the growing need of improved support for ESL populations. The goal of the project is to impact the most pressing need in Massachusetts ELL and SEI instruction: support qualified teachers and the development of additional masters level teachers. From this goal, the MASSexcELLs has articulated several objectives.

Goals and Objectives

Enroll in the Framingham State University MEd. in TESL program and support 50 teachers, 25 teachers from the Wachusett Regional School District and 25 teachers from the Cambridge and Marlborough districts. The cohort teachers have been provided with iPads, relevant applications, and related training to share best practices remotely.

At the completion of the program the participants will have earned a masters' degree in the Teaaching of English as a Second Language, have attained state endorsement in SEI, and Licensure in ESL. The program includes eight pre-service teachers and 42 in-service teachers.

Provide professsional development to 300 participants from the partner districts. The Grant is offering three WIDA workshops per year to the partner district teachers.

The cohort teachers have committed to leadership roles in the area of TESL in the partner school districts upon completion of the grant activities.

A cross district Advisory Council consisting of district coordinators,instructional coaches and administrators, and FSU administrators. The members provide input on program decision making.