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Initial Licensure

The master of Education with a concentration in The Teaching of English as a Second Language (M.Ed. in TESL) is a state approved program leading to Initial Teacher Licensure in ESL.

"The fundamental purpose of state approval of educator preparation programs is to assure the public that teachers who complete the program in Massachusetts are prepared to educate the preK-12 students... To accomplish this, programs must prepare their candidates to meet the standards for licensure that are specified in the Regulations for Education Licensure and preparation program Approval". (Board of Elementary and Secondary Education).

Practicum prerequisites


Practicum Application: FORM -A-

1. Successful completion of the ten (10) M.Ed. in TESL course requirement

2. Passing score on the MTEL Communication and Literacy test

3. Passing score on the MTEL ESL subject matter test

4. Identification of a placement site and agreement of a school Cooperating Practitioner. The Cooperating Practitioner must hold an Initial Licensure in ESL and have been licensed and teaching for a minimum of three years.

6. Agreement of University Practicum Supervisor regarding travel distance

7. Submission of Practicum Application. Application deadline: November 15 for Spring Practicum and May 15 for Fall Practicum.

8. Registration in TESL 980 or 981.

Regulations and Types of Licensures

Licensure Regulations (from DOE website)

The Massachusetts Department of Education (DOE) is now refered to as ESE or DESE (Department of Elementary and Secondary Education)

TESL 980 PreK-6 TESL 981 5-12

TESL 980 Practicum in the Teaching of English as a Second Language and Seminar: Grades PreK-6

TESL 981 Practicum in the Teaching of English as a Second Language and Seminar: Grades 5-12

For students seeking an Initial Teacher License in English as a Second Language (ESL). A field-based 300-hour practicum for first time teachers demonstrating mastery of the subject matter knowledge. The candidate must meet the Professional Standards for Teachers as described in the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education Regulations for Educator Licensure. Students secure their own placement site, which must be approved by the University. Prerequisites: Passing scores on the Literacy and the ESL MTEL tests; successful completion of all required courses in the Master of Education with a concentration in the Teaching of English as a Second Language (TESL); or permission of advisor.

Practicum/ Practicum Equivalent

A practicum or practicum equivalent is a field-based experience within an approved teacher preparation program in the role and at the level of the licensure sought. All practicum/practicum equivalents shall be completed within a Massachusetts public school, approved private special education school, Massachusetts Department of Early Education Care apporved preschools, Educational Collaboratives, or a school that requires Massachusetts educator licensure. (DESE)

Student teachers are required to be in attendance every day that their assigned school is in session or the teachers are required to be in attendance during the semester. They are expected to observe the same hours as regular faculty and participate as fully as possible in the role of a teacher in the school community.

FSU Education Department /Educator Licensure Information Page

Important information from FSU Licensure Officer

Educator Licensure Information

Additional Initial Licensure in ESL

Educators seeking to earn an additional Initial License in ESL must:

  • Achieve a passing score on the MTEL ESL subject matter test
  • Do an internship of 150 hours in the role of the license sought in an appropriate classroom.
  • The school principal or the district superintendent endorses the candidates. The University is not involved in this process.

SEI endorsement

Pathways to SEI Teacher endorsement (retrieved from ESE webpage)

  • Hold and ESL/ELL license in Massachusetts
  • Take and pass the SEI MTEL
  • Enroll and successfully complete a for-cost course sponsored by an ESE-approved vendor
  • "If you believe that you may qualify for the Endorsement by virtue of having the appropriate degree or graduate training
Professional Licensure