Graduate Certificate in TESL

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Graduate Certificate in TESL

The Graduate Certificate in the Teaching of English as a Second Language is intended for mainstream teachers whose classrooms include English Language Learners whose limited language level hinders academic performance. The goal of the program is to provide teachers with the theoretical and practical knowledge needed to identify English language learners' needs and promote learning and academic success for these students.

Admission Requirements

Applicants must have earned an undergraduate degree from a regionally accredited college or university, with a minimum undergraduate quality point average (QPA) of 2.80.

Students not meeting this requirement may be reconsidered for admission after having completed one prescribed (1) course in the certificate program.

Graduate Catalog (2016-2017) see pages 183 and 201.

Application for Admission Form

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Students may begin in Fall, Spring, or Summer.

Application for Admission

Transfer Credit

No transfer credit is allowed in a certificate program.

Time Limits

Students are given up to four (4) calendar years to complete the certificate program.

Students who cease taking courses for one (1) fall or spring semester will be considered inactive. Upon returning to active status, they would be readmitted under the curriculum then in place.

Academic Dismissal

Students who receive one grade below B- (2.70) will be subject to immediate dismissal.

Upon notification, the student will have one (1) semester to make a formal written appeal of the dismissal to the Graduate Education Council.

Completion Requirements

Students must have a minimum B- (2.70) average or above in the program in order to earn a certificate.

Course Transfer to the M.Ed. in TESL The Graduate Certificate courses transfer to the M.Ed. in TESL.
Curriculum Requirements

A total of four (4) courses are required:

Required Core Course (1)

TESL 913 Current Issues in Second Language Acquisition 

One (1) course from the following:
TESL 901 Language Structure: Phonetics and Morphology
TESL 902 Language Structure: Syntax, Semantics, Pragmatics  

One (1) course from the following:
TESL 936 The Teaching of Second Language Skills
TESL 948 Teaching Reading and Writing in the English Immersion Classroom
TESL 910  Sheltered English Immersion

One (1) course from the following:
TESL 920 Technology in the Second Language Classroom
TESL 966 Seminar in Applied Linguistics

Course Schedule

Fall semester: TESL 902, TESL 910, TESL 920, TESL 936

Spring Semester: TESL 901, TESL 910, TESL 948, TESL 966

Summer : TESL 913, TESL 910

The Certificate can be completed in one academic year.

Academic Calendar

Academic Calendar

It is the students responsibility to keep current with semester due dates and deadlines.




The Graduate Certificate in TESL is an official document issued by the University. It attests to an advanced level of knowledge and skills in the field of ESL. The Certificate does not grant authority to teach. The Graduate Certificate in TESL does not lead to Initial Licensure in ESL.

Licensure in ESL is issued by the state of Massachusetts. It grants authority to teach in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The M.Ed. in TESL is a state approved program which leads to Initial Licensure in ESL.